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Lectures and Academic Publications
Human Resources in a Sports Facility
Location: Hood College
Date: November 18, 2014
Moving to Zero Waste
Green Sports Alliance Annual Convention
Brooklyn, New York
August 2013

Sports Economics
Mount St. Mary's University
October 2012

Events and Facilities
Mount Saint Mary's University
April 2012
Academic Publications
North American Society of Sports Management
Evaluating the Evaluators: Developing an Instrument to Assess Baseball Scouts Effectiveness (Abstract)
Cleaning & Maintenance
Management Magazine

March 2014
"How To Recharge Your Recycling Efforts"
Ethikos Vol 26, NO 3
November 2012
What Baseball Can Teach Us About Ethics
Cleaning & Maintenance
Management Magazine

September 2012
"Creating an Action Plan for Event Cleaning"
Facility Manager Magazine
August/September Edition 2012
"Hosting A New Event? Preparation is the Key to Success"
Second Edition Advanced Theory and Practice in Sports Marketing by Eric Schwarz
August 2012
Case Study: "The Erie Otters vs. Big Al's Used Cars - Ambush Marketing vs. Freedom of Speech"
Facility Manager Magazine
April/May Edition 2011
"Tips on How to Manage Service Partners"
Featured in Chimes Times Magazine
Vol. 27, No. 3, Summer 2014
September 2013
Radio guest
: Sustainability News & Entertainment
WSM 1590 AM
Nashua, New Hampshire
July 13th, 2012 feature in the Gazette
a subsidiary of the Washington Post.
Featured in April 15th, 2012 The Frederick News Post
Insider's book reveals 'whole other world of baseball'